The Binh Dinh administration hosted a press conference in Quy Nhon, the capital city of Binh Dinh, to officially announce the upcoming sports event. The conference was attended by local officials and representatives from H2O Racing, an esteemed international sports management and marketing company known for organizing powerboating world championship events.

The Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the highly anticipated 2024 Grand Prix of Binh Dinh. This exciting event will feature the thrilling ABP Aquabike Grand Prix and the prestigious F1H2O Grand Prix. Taking place on March 22-24 and March 29-31, respectively, the races will be held in the beautiful Thi Nai Lagoon in Quy Nhon. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to witness world-class motorboat racing in a stunning setting.

H2O Racing has announced that the forthcoming world sports event in Binh Dinh will be added to the world powerboating calendar starting in 2024.

The inaugural international powerboat race in Vietnam is set to attract over 70 skilled racers, including experienced veterans from various countries across the globe.

“We are excited to announce that we will be showcasing over 30 flags from various nations in Vietnam next March. Binh Dinh will be transformed into the global hub of powerboat racing during the race weekends,” stated Nicoló di San Germano, the esteemed founder of H2O Racing, during the conference.

According to Germano, his additional objectives are to witness Vietnamese athletes actively participating in our global championships and to witness the industries of Vietnam manufacturing engines and boats for eventual victory in the world championship.

The press conference held in Quy Nhon City of Vietnam’s south-central Binh Dinh Province on July 9, 2023 to launch the 2024 Grand Prix of Binh Dinh is seen in this image. Photo: Lam Thien / Tuoi Tre

Delegates attend the press conference to introduce the 2024 Grand Prix of Binh Dinh in Quy Nhon City under Binh Dinh Province, south-central Vietnam, July 9, 2023. Photo: Lam Thien / Tuoi Tre

The founder firmly believed that with the assistance of all the officials and support staff in Vietnam, those dreams can be transformed into a tangible reality.

According to the official website of H2O Racing, the carbon-neutral 2024 Grand Prix of Binh Dinh offers a strategic opportunity for race organizers to empower and expand the tourism industry in the region.

According to Raimondo Di San Germand, CEO of H2O Racing, the organizers aim to elevate Quy Nhon and establish it as a prominent destination in the world of sports. With the hosting of these competitions, the city will join the ranks of other renowned cities that have previously hosted similar events. Moreover, this endeavor also serves as a means to promote environmental conservation.

Pham Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Binh Dinh Administration, has highlighted that the upcoming tournaments will provide a unique opportunity for global tourists to gain an in-depth understanding of Quy Nhon and Binh Dinh as a whole.

“Local authorities are fully dedicated to ensuring optimal conditions for the successful hosting of the tournament and are hopeful that this competition will evolve into an annual sporting event in Binh Dinh,” stated Tuan.

The leader of the province also mentioned that Thi Nai Lagoon, where the races take place, is a captivating tourist spot in south-central Vietnam. Known for its unspoiled beauty and awe-inspiring scenery, it offers a delightful experience to visitors.

“It is an honor for us to serve as the local organizer for this incredible event,” stated Tran Viet Anh, Chairman of Binh Dinh F1 JSC, expressing their gratitude as quoted by H2O Racing.

Anh articulated his optimism that the Binh Dinh Grand Prix would not only advance the prospects of sport tourism in Vietnam but also unveil a captivating new event for sports enthusiasts nationwide.