Developing the Hanoi food travel map

    NDO - Hanoi has been listed among the 25 best tourist destinations for food lovers in the world as voted by Tripadvisor readers. Previously, the capital city was placed among the world’s 16 greatest cities for food as selected by the UK’s Telegraph newspaper.

    ‘Ba khia’ salted crab: An intangible cultural heritage of Ca Mau people

    ‘Ba khia’ (three-striped salted crab) is one of the many specialities of Ca Mau province. The traditional craft of making salted fermented ‘ba khia’ has been recognised as a national intangible cultural heritage.

    Seven-coloured sticky rice: A must-try dish in Lao Cai Province

    NDO/VNS – ‘Xoi bay mau’ (seven-coloured) sticky rice of Lao Cai Province was recently chosen as one of the top 100 best culinary dishes of Vietnam by Vietkings.

    ‘Banh tam bi’: An appealing street food dish in Mekong Delta

    ‘Banh tam bi’ is often regarded as a popular street food dish in the Mekong Delta, thanks to its delicious and appealing taste.

    ‘Bun quay’: A common breakfast dish on Phu Quoc Island

    Aside from the various fresh and delectable seafood dishes, Phu Quoc Island off Kien Giang Province also offers ‘bun quay’ (literally stirred noodle soup).

    Hanoi among world’s 25 best destinations for food lovers

    NDO - Hanoi has been listed among the 25 best tourist destinations for food enthusiasts, as voted by TripAdvisor readers.

    Vietnamese traditional offering trays prepared for Lunar New Year’s Eve

    NDO/VNA – According to ancient traditions, on the last day of a lunar year, a typical Vietnamese family puts aside everything to prepare a feast to worship their grandparents and ancestors, praying for a brighter year ahead.

    ‘Yao’ leaf powder soup: A traditional Tet dish of Ede ethnic people

    NDO/VNA - Ede ethnic people have their own traditional dishes for Tet holiday, which include grilled fish, bitter eggplant with ants, papaya with ants, rice, and yao leaf (a wild plant in the Central Highlands region) powder soup.

    Sa Chau fish sauce – specialty condiment of Nam Dinh province

    NDO/VNA – Sa Chau village of Giao Chau commune in Giao Thuy district, the northern province of Nam Dinh, has long been famous for the traditional production of fish sauce whose pungent smell can grasp any visitor’s attention before they reach the village’s gate.

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