Peaceful Eo Gio

At Eo Gio (Windy Strait), one can hear the sound of wind blowing over mountain walls and see swiftlets flying at sunset. This explains why the beach is named Eo Gio. But locals insist that Eo Gio is a mysterious whisper from nature.

Eo Gio beach is located in the peninsula commune of Nhon Ly, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh province. Tourists can reach the beach by going over the Thi Nai bridge to Nhon Hoi T-junction in Nhon Ly.

Eo Gio, which is enclosed by a bow-shaped range of mountains, is the most spectacular strait in Quy Nhon. When reaching the mountain peak, one will see a perfect view of a beach strip shaped by two high rock cliffs – itʻs Eo Gio.

Eo Gio’s charming beauty comes from its wildness and pristine beach with a blue sea, mossy rocks and fresh air.

Visitors enjoy beach scenery at Da De rock area. Photo: Ba Ngoc

The pristine beauty of Eo Gio. Photo: Ba Ngoc

Visitors enjoy the clear blue sea at Eo Gio beach. Photo: Ba Ngoc

Taking a photo of Eo Gio’s beautiful scenery. Photo: Ba Ngoc

Mossy rocks at Eo Gio. Photo: Ba Ngoc

Going fishing in a basket boat. Photo: Ba Ngoc

There are plenty of caves on Eo Gio’s cliffs, including Doi, Ky Co and Ba Nghe. At the foot of the mountain, Da De rock area stretches out with countless stones that look like eggs in different sizes and colors.

At Eo Gio, visitors have a chance to enjoy the specialties of the Nhon Ly area and meet with friendly locals.

They can also take a boat trip to Ky Co, a beautiful deserted island close to Eo Gio.

The best time to visit Eo Gio is between March and September when the beach is most beautiful with soothing sunshine, a clear blue sea and light waves./.

Story: Pham Thuy Dung Photos: Ba Ngoc