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Thursday, January 21, 2021
The Hanoitimes - With an important role in the national revolutionary movements in the wartime, Hanoi has many historical relics, including many houses attached with the glorious historical events of the country.
NDO – A startup project has been launched with artificial intelligence (AI) being applied to promote Boi singing (classical Vietnamese opera).
The Hanoitimes - So far, the country has a total of 215 national treasures.
NDO – People’s Artisan Mong Thi Sam from Lang Son Province has devoted more than 63 years to preserving the ancient tunes of ‘Then’ folk singing, a cultural and spiritual heritage of Tay and Nung ethnic groups.

Fantastic fans

The Hanoitimes - Artisans from Chang Son fan village are paying great efforts on preserving and upholding the tradition of a Vietnam’s aged-old craft village.
The Hanoitimes - Tram Pagoda was built in the 16th century, with many old trees radiating shade, bringing freshness and coolness all year round to the holy space.
The Hanoitimes - Co Loa Citadel is rated by archaeologists as: "The oldest citadel, largest scale, and the most unique structure in the history of ancient Vietnamese in building citadels".
The Hanoitimes - Travel to Hanoi’s outskirt to learn about Princess Ngoc Dung's legend and visit cluster of spiritual landscapes.
The Hanoitimes - The Vietnam’s folk game tug-of-war communities discussed for the first time about the connectivity of the games five years after being recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity by the UNESCO.
The Hanoitimes - The promotion of folk cultural heritages in contemporary life is not only to preserve the original values, but also brings spiritual values to the people.



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