Lesser-known ‘treasures’ in Hanoi’s largest pomelo hub

    Located by the romantic Nhue River, through centuries of development and modernization, Phu Dien Village retains its priceless cultural and historical values.

    Celebratory Festival Celebrates Ancient Protector of Thang Long Citadel

    The Quan Thanh Temple Festival in Hanoi is set to showcase the city's cultural heritage and share its significance with both locals and visitors.

    Hanoi to Construct an On-Site Museum at Thang Long Citadel

    Visitors to Thang Long Imperial Citadel can now experience a unique attraction - a large underground archaeological museum with direct access to the excavation pits.

    Hanoi to Start Renovation of Kinh Thien Palace in 2026

    Since the start of the year, Thang Long Imperial Citadel and Co Loa Citadel Relic have welcomed a total of 386,000 visitors.

    Statue of King An Duong Vuong: A National Treasure Filled with Unique Characteristics

    An 19th-century statue located at the Co Loa Special National Relic holds many unique cultural, historical, and artistic values that have never been seen before.

    Hanoi Seeks Increased French Aid for Cultural and Historical Preservation

    In 1989, Hanoi and the Ile-de-France Region of France established the first local-to-local cooperation between Vietnam and France by signing their first partnership agreement.

    Exhibition of Artifacts from Hanoi and Toulouse

    An interdisciplinary team of experts, including archaeologists, historians, architects, designers, and museum scholars, has joined forces to create an exhibition exploring and showcasing the latest developments in heritage research and presentation.

    Highlights from April 10, 2023

    Latest news about Vietnam and Hanoi has been released.

    Traditional Handicrafts Showcase the Culture of the Capital

    In recent years, traditional crafts have faced numerous difficulties, prompting experts and governmental agencies to search for viable solutions.

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