Two films, “Memento Mori: Land” directed by Marcus Manh Cuong Vu and “Dem toi ruc ro” (The brilliant darkness) by Aaron Toronto, have been selected to compete against 120 others at the festival.

“Memento Mori: Land” premiered in Vietnam in October 2022, drawing inspiration from the true story of the book “Destination of life” by Vietnamese author Dang Hoang Giang.

The movie tells the story of Van, a young mother who accepts that her cancer is in its final stage. Struggling between reality, memories, and dreams, she finds a way to leave messages for her two young daughters Nguyet and Nga. Along with this, she has a wish of donating her organs for medical services and studies.

“Dem toi ruc ro” (The brilliant darkness) opens at the funeral of a grandfather whose family members believe left them a fortune. However, his children find out that their father lost the fortune gambling and the mafia is coming to collect the debt. They must pay by sunrise, or else there will be another funeral.

In 2021, the film won the Best Feature Film at the Golden Kite Awards and was also awarded Best Story and Best Performance (female) at the 2022 Santa Fe Film Festival Award in February in New Mexico.

Furthermore, director Hong Anh served as one of the judging panel of the AIFFA 2023. At the last AIFFA, Vietnamese film “Dao Cua Dan Ngu Cu” (The Way Station) by Hong Anh received three prizes, including Best Picture, Best Actor, and Best Director of Photography.

The AIFFA has been organized every two years since 2013. It was held virtually in 2021 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year marks the sixth edition of the festival.

During the latest version, a short film competition for university students with the theme of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) will take place for the first time.

The AIFFA will present a range of film activities from the ASEAN region leading up to the announcement of the 2023 award winners on August 4.