Strengthening Vietnam-Romania Bond Through Music

    A classical party was held in Hanoi as a way to promote cultural exchange between two nations.

    Exhibition in Hanoi to praise Hungary’s national poet

    The cultural event aims at celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Sándor Petőfi - a famous Hungarian revolutionary poet and writer.

    Long Ho Suburb of Hanoi Now a Tourist Hotspot

    Local authorities have promised to further support the growth of tourism in the area, through encouraging investment from citizens and businesses to create improved services and offerings for visitors.

    Exploring Culture Through Fun Activities for Children in June

    It's June - a month of celebration and delight for children everywhere, with International Children's Day and the beginning of summer holidays! Let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of childhood.

    AFP’s twenty incredible Olympic-themed photos on display in Hanoi

    These stunning images celebrate the Games and the Olympic spirit at the world's largest sporting event, which will take place in France in 2024.

    Israeli Electro-Pop Band to Perform in Hanoi this June

    The upcoming month will see two Israeli artists showcasing their talents in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    “Danang, Vietnam to Open First VR Light Park”

    Vietnam is set to experience a surge in tourism with the construction of its first ever Virtual Reality (VR) Light Park.

    Caylee Cowan dazzles in Vietnamese designer’s gown at Cannes

    Hollywood actress Caylee Cowan made one of her most notable fashion choices at the Cannes Film Festival, wearing an outfit by designer Nguyen Minh Tuan on the red carpet.

    2023 European Film Festival to Take Place in Hanoi

    The 19th edition of the annual film festival is set to kick off with Close, the recipient of the Grand Prix at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

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