European Day is joyously observed via Vietnamese contemporary ballet

    Ballet is a harmonious fusion of classical European musicality and the exquisite cultural sensibilities of Vietnam, eloquently articulated through the expressive vocabulary of contemporary ballet.

    **Vietnamese Film Wins Top Prize at Asian Film Festival in Italy**

    Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell narrates Thien's odyssey to return his sister-in-law's remains to his hometown. Traversing the Vietnamese countryside, Thien contemplates the profoundness of life.

    Vietnam oust Malaysia to advance to quarter-finals of 2024 AFC U-23 Asian Cup

    With the latest win, Vietnam now eyes finishing Group D at the top.

    14th Francophone Film Festival to Embark on a Nationwide Tour

    Cinema fans will traverse Europe, Asia, and North America on the silver screen, discovering the rich tapestry of culture and linguistic diversity that makes up the Francophone world.

    Young Vietnamese and international artists to join Sounds of Brotherhood

    The World Youth Orchestra, comprising artists from 18 nations and territories, has arrived in Vietnam to showcase their musical prowess and offer mentorship to Vietnamese musicians.

    Vietnam Hosts Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship Grand Prix 2024

    For the first time in history, the prestigious F1H2O Grand Prix graced Vietnam with its presence.

    Immersive Audio-Visual Experience Unveils Historical Tapestry

    The research project on archiving and sound installation by Vietnamese and international artists aims to offer the Hanoi public a novel historical perspective.

    Hanoi Tourism Festival to Be Held in Late April

    The festival aims to pay homage to Hanoi's rich tapestry of cultural and historical heritage while simultaneously enhancing the allure of the capital for tourists.

    Vietnam Triumph in Asian U23 Tournament Opener

    Despite a lackluster team performance, Vietnam's individual brilliance and their opponents' blunders gifted them with a hard-fought victory.

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    European Day is joyously observed via Vietnamese contemporary ballet