“Art Unveiled: A Captivating Exhibition in Hanoi, Unleashing the Boundless World of Imagination”

    The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase the distinct materials (lacquer, silk, oil, and acrylic) and artistic styles employed by the six featured artists.

    Unique Dior Creation by Vietnamese Designer Tia Thuy Nguyen

    The collaboration between Tia Thuy Nguyen, a talented designer from Vietnam, and the renowned House of Dior has resulted in an extraordinary masterpiece.

    Hang Trong paintings exhibited in Hanoi

    The Hang Trong narrative paintings collection narrates tales of courageous women, alongside the historical backdrop and way of life in old Hanoi.

    Hanoi Watercolor Exhibition: Showcasing Artworks by 465 International Artists

    The exhibition, featuring 465 artists from around the world, is the biggest of its kind in Vietnam. It is divided into two parts and takes place at two different locations in Hanoi.

    Exhibition showcases the art of Italian mosaics

    By employing a distinctive and enduring mosaic technique, the showcase narrates tales of epics, religions, and the most remarkable and noteworthy socio-cultural eras of ancient Rome.

    Honoring Hanoi’s Glorious History and Brave Young Heroes

    Participants are invited to express their reflections on the accomplishments and notable historical events of the city, portray the brave figures and fallen heroes, highlight the iconic landmarks and heritage sites linked with the city's liberation milestones.

    Italian Scholar Publishes Vietnamese Book on Opera History

    Professor Gianni Kriscak, the primary author of the book "History of Italian Opera," aims to enhance the comprehension of the early period of this art form among Vietnamese artists and the general public.

    Preserved Colonial-era French Advertisement Posters on Hanoi Street

    Vintage posters, which were once the iconic representation of French colonial art, are currently being exhibited in the center of Hanoi.

    Vietnamese Art Photo Contest and Exhibition 2024 Commences

    Calling all Vietnamese professional and amateur photographers, as well as overseas Vietnamese! We cordially invite you to join the prestigious Vietnam Art Photo Contest and Exhibition 2024, where you have the chance to showcase your talent and compete for fantastic prizes. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to have your work recognized and celebrated.

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