“Amazing Vietnam” – Photo contest to promote tourism

    The contest invites entries from Vietnamese citizens and expatriates residing in the country.

    Precious documents and artifacts of Vietnam’s first university exhibited

    The exhibition has been carried out with a lot of novelty and creativity, both indoors and outdoors, both in static and dynamic spaces.

    Exhibition on the history of Vietnamese lotus flowers opens

    The 40 paintings by painter Nguyen Thị Thuy Huong depicts stories of lotus flowers in different places and landscapes, inspiring viewers with unforgettable feelings.

    Dreamy beauty of women in Ngo Minh Cau’s paintings

    The beauty and grace of Vietnamese women are vividly depicted in the paintings of the famous Hanoian artist.

    Exhibition shows Vietnamese resilience and bravery in air defense

    In 12 days in December 1972, the people and army of Hanoi shot down 23 B52 bombers, a remarkable victory for Vietnamese air defense against US aircraft.

    International children draw Hanoi

    The painting contest helps nurture the love for peace and strengthen friendship among children.

    Ego: Creating an urban space with the soul of the nation

    The exhibition Ego helps diversify more types of creativity at Hanoi Museum, attracting a large number of visitors including foreigners.

    UNESCO-supported contest seeks ideas to renovate old factory in Hanoi

    Hanoi expects to renovate old factory space in the most practical and attractive way.

    Singer Vu Thang Loi to release vinyl record about Hanoi

    The Friendship Palace of Culture will host a live concert on December 3 in which artist Vu Thang Loi will release his vinyl album Ha Noi Rieng Toi (My Hanoi).

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