Lam Dong Through a Foreigner’s Lens

Lam Dong captivates foreign tourists not only with its myriad renowned attractions but also through offering opportunities to immerse themselves in untouched mountains and forests, explore national cultural treasures, and discover historical structures.


Immerse Yourself in the Mesmerizing Blend of Nature and Local Culture

Mary Charles, a visitor from France – renowned for its historic cities, serene countryside, gothic castles, stunning beaches, and world-famous architecture, found himself captivated by Lam Dong after just one day of immersive travel. The region’s fresh air and warm hospitality prompted him to extend his stay, eager to explore more of what this enchanting place has to offer.

The captivating beauty of Da Lat, Lam Dong unfolds before your eyes.

An avid motorcycle enthusiast, Mary Charles rented a motorbike as his trusted companion on this journey of discovery. His travels took him to Trieu Hai commune, a mere eight kilometers from the capital of Da Teh district. Following the locals’ enthusiastic recommendations, he ventured to Trieu Hai waterfall, and there, he witnessed nature’s raw, breathtaking grandeur.

The waterfall, cascading from the mountaintop, paints a picture of serene beauty – a wild and quiet landscape of lush green forests and rolling hills. Charles immersed himself in the cool waters, camped under the stars, and breathed in the fresh, natural air. It was, as he exclaimed, “An incredibly unique and memorable experience!”

Trieu Hai waterfall in Trieu Hai commune, Da Teh district – A hidden gem unveiled.

His visit to Cu Lan village unveiled a world of untouched beauty and cultural richness. The village, he said, seemed like something out of a fairy tale, preserving numerous cultural facets, from festivals and gongs to traditional crafts and folk games. As a foreign guest, this was a novel and captivating experience, offering a glimpse into a world far removed from his own.

A City of Fine Wines and Warm Hospitality

Hynek Kmonicek, the Czech Republic’s Ambassador to Vietnam, also fell under the spell of this enchanting region during a business trip to the wine factory at Lam Dong Food Joint Stock Company – Ladofoods. Established in 1999, Ladofoods has become a leading enterprise, employing modern production technology and boasting a closed value chain, from its own raw material area to processing plants and market distribution systems.

Although the wines produced here are prioritized for significant occasions hosted by the Czech Republic Embassy, this was the ambassador’s first visit to the facility. He was deeply impressed by the people’s enthusiasm, hospitality, and professional demeanor. The winery tour, led by knowledgeable staff, offered a comprehensive insight into the winemaking process, from raw materials to wine maturation and the art of wine appreciation. This experience fostered a deep trust and affection for the honesty and simplicity of the locals.

Foreign tourists seek not just relaxation but also exploration, new experiences, and a deeper understanding of the world. Thus, enhancing the experiential aspect of tourism holds great potential for the Lam Dong tourism industry’s future development.

With a target of attracting 9.7 million visitors by 2024, the Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee is committed to promoting local tourism. Initiatives include organizing the 3rd Golden Week of Tourism in 2024, hosting a tourism promotion conference for the Central Highlands provinces alongside Thanh Hoa, and introducing Indonesian culture through festivals and activities within the 10th Dalat Flower Festival.

Furthermore, tourism industry units in Lam Dong will undertake various linking, promotion, and advertising activities in 2024 to showcase the unique products of Da Lat – Lam Dong to both domestic and international tourists.

Phuong Nguyen

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Legendary Lang Biang

In June 2015, at the 27th Session of the International Coordinating Council  of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere Program (ICC-MAB) held in Paris, the Lang Biang Natural Reserve in Vietnam’s Central Highlands Lam Dong Province has been recognised as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Lang Biang Reserve has retained its values of bio-diversity on a global scale, with the natural scenery mixed in harmony with local cultural features. It has contributed to forming and developing Da Lat to become a city of tourism and an international research centre on tropical forest.

Da Lat flower festival promises attractive activities

NDO/VNA – The eighth Da Lat Flower Festival, themed “Da Lat and Flowers”, will take place in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong from December 20-24.

Da Lat Flower Festival kicks off with colourful parade

NDO – Da Lat Flower Festival, a biennial event in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong, kicked off on December 23 with a colourful floral parade.

Street festival add more colour and brightness to Da Lat

NDO – More than 3,000 local students and young people gathered at a street festival which opened on December 23 at Lam Vien Square in Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province, as part of the ongoing Da Lat Flower Festival 2019.

Unique Clay Architecture and Sculpture in Da Lat

For years, Da Lat has been known as a charming city with vast flowers gardens, winding mountain passes, green pine forests and amiable people. This fairy city is now famous for another appealing attraction; a unique clay tunnel, which is called by different names, such as sculptured tunnel, basalt tunnel or clay village.