Galaxy Play’s original series shine at Asia-Pacific Broadcasting + Awards

The production house has much to celebrate as its exclusive series continue to gain recognition.

“We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award, and it fuels our passion to keep creating exceptional content,” expressed Pham Hai Anh, chief scriptwriter. The award acknowledges their innovative use of technology and unique storytelling.

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting +, a prominent organization established in 1983, has a significant influence on multimedia communication in the region. Their expertise spans television, radio, and digital media platforms.

The organization has been a driving force behind major global broadcasting trade shows for 18 years, including NAB, IBC, and BroadcastAsia.

In recent years, Vietnam has made its mark. In 2023, the country clinched the ‘Excellence Award for Theater Grade Sound’ for ‘Hùng Long Phong Bá 2,’ enhanced with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technology. This was a proud moment for the industry.

Fast forward to 2024, and the success story continues. ‘Missing: Eve of Tet’ took home the ‘Series Production’ category at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting + Awards. This back-to-back achievement solidifies the growing international acclaim for Vietnamese series production.

A behind-the-scenes snapshot of the talented film director, Ham Tran.

Galaxy Play, a pioneer in Original Series production since 2020, is the powerhouse behind these award-winning shows. With a commitment to delivering exceptional content, they have produced over 25 exclusive series to date, half of which have ranked in the top 10, outperforming even the most popular foreign series.

Titles such as ‘Hùng Long Phong Bá 1 & 2,’ ‘Sugar Mommy Sugar Boy,’ ‘Chị Mẹ Học Yêu,’ and ‘Bông Hồng Lửa’ have captivated audiences and critics alike. Galaxy Play’s upcoming releases, ‘Hùng Long Phong Bá 3’ and ‘Sugar Baby 3,’ are highly anticipated by fans.

The platform also boasts exclusive rights to numerous Vietnamese blockbusters, including three hits from the renowned Tran Thanh: ‘Bố Già,’ ‘Nhà Bà Nữ,’ and the record-breaking ‘Mai,’ which has grossed an impressive VND520 billion ($20.4 million) in revenue.

With 13 million registered users and 3 million paying customers in 2023, Galaxy Play offers an extensive library of content. The Siêu Việt package, at just VND120,000 ($4.7) per month, grants access to up to 10,000 hours of exclusive films, including Vietnamese box-office hits like ‘Mai,’ ‘Gặp Lại Chị Bầu,’ and ‘Cua Lại Vợ Bầu.’

For more information and to explore the full range of offerings, click here.

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