The Scenic Splendor of Vong Canh Hill: A Dream Unveiled in Hue

Vong Canh Hill, standing at a majestic 43 meters, is a hidden gem in the northwestern region of Hue. With its ethereal beauty, it captivates travelers seeking unique experiences during their weekend getaways. This lofty hill, with its towering presence, offers a dreamlike escape, inviting explorers to uncover the secrets of its enchanting terrain.


Vong Canh Hill, located about 7km from the heart of Hue, is a scenic spot renowned for its natural beauty. Just a few kilometers from Ngu Binh Mountain, this attraction boasts a peaceful and romantic atmosphere, offering a fresh escape for both local and international travelers.

The hill is known for its stunning combination of rivers and mountains, with a serene landscape that provides a relaxing getaway for young travelers seeking a break from their stressful work lives.

Vong Canh Hill, a short distance from Ngu Binh Mountain, offers a picturesque escape in Hue. Photo: Lao Dong

The charming natural scenery of Vong Canh, situated in Thuy Xuan and Thuy Bieu wards, never fails to captivate its visitors. The area is adorned with mountains, rivers, and lush gardens, creating an idyllic setting for a leisurely vacation.

Historically, Vong Canh Hill served as a resting and sightseeing spot for the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. Even today, it stands as a testament to the past, surrounded by royal tombs such as the Dong Khanh Mausoleum, Tu Duc Tomb, and several others. History enthusiasts will find this site particularly intriguing.

Vong Canh Hill, a beloved destination for emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. Photo: Traveloka

From this vantage point, one can take in the breathtaking view of green orchards filled with areca, longan, oranges, tangerines, and pomelo trees, all nestled among the pine trees and ancient mausoleums. The Perfume River, winding its way around the base of the hill, adds a touch of poetry to the landscape, symbolizing the very essence of Hue’s natural beauty.

The journey to Vong Canh Hill is a pleasant one, with a flat, easily navigable route shaded by pine trees. Starting from the city center, travelers can take Hoai Thanh Street, turning right onto Le Ngo Cat Street. After a straight 5km drive, they will reach their destination within approximately 30 minutes.

The route to Vong Canh Hill is shaded by pine trees, creating a peaceful journey. Photo: Vinpearl

To truly appreciate the beauty of Vong Canh Hill, plan your visit during the magical twilight hours. As the sun slowly sets behind the mountains, the sky transforms into a canvas of red and orange hues. From the rolling hills, gaze into the distance at the lush gardens nourished by the Perfume River, and you’ll understand why this place is so captivating.

While Vong Canh Hill may not be as well-known as other tourist attractions, it holds a certain allure. The road leading to the hill is lined with trees and dotted with small houses, creating a sense of tranquility and a break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The lush natural surroundings of Vong Canh Hill make it an ideal spot for camping and picnics. Pack some food and drinks, set up a small tent, and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with your friends or family. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Vong Canh Hill, a lush natural haven perfect for camping and picnics. Photo: Lao Dong

In the vicinity of Vong Canh Hill, travelers can explore the famous poetic scenes of Hue, including the unique architecture of the tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty kings. One notable site is the mausoleum of King Tu Duc, located just 1km from Vong Canh Hill. This mausoleum stands out for its harmonious blend of natural scenery and architectural design.

Another must-see is the tomb of King Minh Mang, located on Cam Khe mountain. This traditional mausoleum, steeped in Confucian influences, took the king 14 years to find the perfect location. It is one of the most majestic and standard architectural works of the Nguyen Dynasty, surrounded by a picturesque landscape of green trees, rivers, lakes, and mountains.

Explore the unique architecture and natural beauty near Vong Canh Hill. Photo: KKDay

Although smaller in size, King Khai Dinh’s mausoleum is equally elaborate and meticulously designed.

The ideal time to visit Hue is during March and April, when the weather is dry and cooler, with occasional light rain. For those seeking a royal musical experience, plan your trip to coincide with the Hue Festival, usually held in April, or the Hung King Memorial Day in the third lunar month.

Charlotte Pho
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