The fourth Green Living Festival, an annual event hosted by the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment, was a vibrant celebration of sustainable living that brought the community together over the weekend.

As part of the Action Month for Environment in response to World Environment Day (June 5), the festival offered a unique opportunity for residents to embrace a greener lifestyle.

A bustling booth at the Green Living Festival, with visitors eager to participate and engage in sustainable activities. Photo: Nhat Xuan / Tuoi Tre

One of the highlights of the festival was the opportunity for residents to give their old items a new lease of life. Hoang Chau, a 66-year-old attendee from District 12, embodied the spirit of the event. She traveled over 10 kilometers with a 30-kilogram bag of recyclable waste, including paper, cartons, plastic bottles, and hand-me-downs. Chau, along with her grandchild, actively participated in the various games and activities, creating memorable experiences and fostering a positive environmental consciousness.

Hoang Chau and her grandchild enjoy a fun-filled moment at the festival, playing a game together. Photo: Nhat Xuan / Tuoi Tre

A key attraction that drew the crowd’s curiosity was the automatic bottle treatment machine, strategically placed near the booths of Duy Tan Plastics and Unilever Vietnam. Visitors were intrigued as they fed plastic bottles into the machine, witnessing the cleaning and crushing process firsthand. This innovative display offered a tangible example of how plastic waste can be effectively managed and recycled.

The automatic plastic bottle treatment machine in action, showcasing the potential for efficient plastic waste management. Photo: Nhat Xuan / Tuoi Tre

The festival rewarded participants for their environmental efforts. For each plastic bottle brought to the Duy Tan Plastics or Unilever booths, customers received Sunlight dishwashing detergent, pens made from recycled plastic, and books. Additionally, the Vietnam Recycles program, an electronic waste take-back and recycling initiative, played a pivotal role in raising awareness about e-waste treatment. Residents could exchange their electronic waste, such as batteries and old devices, for eco-friendly gifts like fabric bags and notebooks.

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