The Captivating Charm of Hanoi: Restoring West Lake’s Lotus Ponds for the Inaugural Lotus Festival

The inaugural Lotus Festival in Hanoi promises to be a spectacular event, offering a unique and diverse experience to the city's tourism scene. With a vibrant array of cultural attractions, this festival is set to become a prominent feature in Hanoi's calendar, captivating both locals and visitors alike.


The Hanoi Lotus Festival: A Celebration of the City’s Cultural Heritage and Natural Beauty

Hanoi is set to host a spectacular five-day festival in July, celebrating the iconic lotus flower and its integral role in the city’s culture and history. The Hanoi Lotus Festival 2024 will take place in the Tay Ho District, a creative and cultural hub, marking the first large-scale event of its kind. With a diverse range of activities, the festival will honor the traditional art of lotus farming and showcase the very best of Hanoi’s lotus-based products.

Bach Diep Pink Lotus: A Ancient Treasure of Tay Ho – The delicate pink lotus, with its layers of petals, is a beloved symbol of Hanoi’s natural beauty.

A Festival Highlighting the Cultural Significance of Lotuses

The Hanoi Lotus Festival will commence with an opening ceremony for the Hanoi Lotus – OCOP (One Commune, One Product) Fair, followed by the inauguration of the Tay Ho District OCOP Product Promotion and Sales Center. The festival will also feature a photo exhibition, “The Lotus in Vietnamese Cultural Life,” showcasing the lotus’ profound impact on Vietnamese culture and traditions.

During the opening ceremony, the organizing committee will pay tribute to artisans and skilled workers who have dedicated their lives to preserving and developing lotus cultivation. Additionally, awards will be presented to farms that have excelled in producing outstanding lotus-based products. The festival will also include a special ceremony conferring the title of “National Intangible Cultural Heritage” on the art of West Lake lotus tea brewing, recognizing its cultural and historical significance.

The People of Hanoi and Their Love for Lotuses – Hanoi’s citizens have a deep affinity for lotuses, and the city’s soil provides the perfect environment for these beautiful flowers to thrive.

Preserving Traditional Cultural Values and Promoting Local Economy

According to Le Thi Thu Hang, Secretary of the Tay Ho District Party Committee, the Hanoi Lotus Festival 2024 presents a valuable opportunity to preserve and promote the traditional cultural values associated with lotuses. Meanwhile, Nguyen Xuan Dai, Director of Hanoi’s Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, expressed hopes that the festival will not only stimulate demand among Vietnamese customers but also introduce West Lake lotus products to international tourists and ambassadors, enhancing their reputation and appeal.

Phan Thi Thuan, a silk weaver, highlighted the fascinating stories and cultural richness associated with the Hanoi Lotus plant. By organizing the festival in the beautiful pedestrian streets along West Lake, the event is expected to attract both domestic and foreign tourists, creating a cultural, economic, and tourist highlight for the capital city.

Reviving the West Lake’s Bach Diep Lotus Area

Lotus Harvest at Dam Tri Pond – Local farmers carefully harvest the precious Bach Diep lotuses, known for their unique beauty and fragrance.

Nguyen Thanh Tinh, Vice Chairman of the Tay Ho District People’s Committee, noted that the local lotus cultivation area has faced challenges since 2018 due to changing weather conditions and water quality issues. However, efforts are now being made to restore and develop lotus farming, with a focus on beautifying the landscape around West Lake and promoting lotus-based products such as lotus tea.

The Bach Diep Lotus, with its hundreds of petals surrounding a fragrant yellow pistil, is a true natural wonder. Dam Tri Pond in West Lake is the only place in Hanoi where this rare lotus variety flourishes, making it a cherished natural treasure.

A Summer Bloom of Beauty – Every summer, Dam Tri Pond bursts into color with vibrant lotus flowers, attracting visitors, especially young women, who come to capture memorable moments amidst the stunning natural backdrop.

In a recent development, the planting of the West Lake Lotus, also known as the Bach Diep Lotus, has been piloted in four additional ponds around West Lake, covering a total area of 7.5 hectares. The lotus flowers and seeds from these ponds are used for tea, decoration, and cooking, respectively. The Tay Ho Lotus, with its unique geographical indication and up to 100 petals, is a source of great pride for the district.

Local authorities are collaborating with the Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute and the Hanoi City Agricultural Extension Center to implement a project titled “Lotus Production Model Designing Associated with Ecotourism Development along the Value Chain in Tay Ho District, Hanoi.” This project aims to promote tourism by developing lotus cultivation in the surrounding ponds, with plans to further expand lotus farming by 2025 and beyond.

The Art of Lotus Tea – For centuries, the people of Hanoi have perfected the art of crafting delicate lotus tea, a traditional beverage with a unique flavor and cultural significance.
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