## President Ho Chi Minh’s Cultural Ideology: A Guiding Light for Vietnam’s Cultural Renaissance

The work is a tribute to President Ho Chi Minh, honoring his immense contributions to the Vietnamese revolution. It emphasizes the enduring relevance of Ho Chi Minh’s cultural ideology in shaping modern Vietnam’s cultural landscape.

This collection of President Ho Chi Minh’s articles, speeches, and talks offers a roadmap for building an independent and self-reliant Vietnam, culturally rich and standing tall among nations.

With a comprehensive approach, the book delves into various cultural domains. It provides insightful instructions on arts and culture, journalism, publishing, ethics, lifestyle, and more. Readers will find guidance on speaking and writing effectively, embracing new cultures, and enhancing their cultural knowledge.

Serving as a valuable resource, the book aids officials, Party members, and citizens in understanding the core values of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology on culture and national building. It ignites patriotism, pride in our traditions, and a collective aspiration to forge a civilized, prosperous, and heroic Vietnam.

Marking this significant occasion, the publishing house has also reissued numerous invaluable publications dedicated to President Ho Chi Minh and his legacy.

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