Visiting Uncle Ho’s native village

Nam Dan district in Nghe An province, the homeland of President Ho Chi Minh, is known as a land of beautiful scenery and extraordinary people.

Located 15km from Vinh, Kim Lien relic site in Nam Dan district consists of three main relics: Sen village – the homeland of President Ho Chi Minh’s father, Hoang Tru village – the homeland of his mother in Kim Lien commune, and the tomb of Hoang Thi Loan – the President’s mother on Dong Tranh mountain in Nam Giang commune.

The largest province in Vietnam, Nghe An boasts diverse tourist attractions, ranging from sea and forest to historical relics.

In a picturesque scene of a countryside in central Vietnam, visitors have a chance to learn about the living space and memorabilia related to Uncle Ho’s childhood. Old things, including Coc well, the banyan tree, temple of Nguyen Sinh family, and especially the cottage of Nguyen Sinh Sac – the father of Uncle Ho, were the cradle of the passionate patriotism and the great will of a national hero.

Travelers visit Sen village in Nam Dan district, the homeland of President Ho Chi Minh’s father.

The three-room house in Hoang Tru village is the birth place of Uncle Ho.

Memorabilia related to Uncle Ho’s childhood is kept at Kim Lien historical site.

This is now a place that attracts thousands of visitors every day.

The road to the tomb of Hoang Thi Loan, President Ho Chi Minh’s mother.

Mai Hac De temple in Nam Dan district was recognized as a national relic site in 1996.

Sculptures and carved wood at Hoanh Son temple are considered the most beautiful and sophisticated in Vietnam.

Tourists can enjoy the melodies of the Vi and Giam folk songs in Nam Dan district.

Soy sauce is a specialty of Nam Dan..

Happy smile of a local farmer in Nam Dan.

A section of the beautiful Lam River.

The memorial site of Phan Boi Chau (1867-1940), the great patriot who formed the “Reformation Society” (Duy Tan Hoi) to promote the patriotic movement, is located in Nam Dan township. Divided in two parts, the memorial site displays the memorabilia related to Phan Boi Chau’s hectic years of revolution.

Nam Dan has three special national relics, namely Kim Lien historical site, Phan Boi Chau memorial site and Hoanh Son temple.

When visiting Khanh Son commune, visitors can see the beauty of Hoanh Son temple, which is the largest historical architecture in the central region of Vietnam. Recognized as a special national relic site in December 2017, Hoanh Son temple was built in 1763 to worship Uy Minh Vuong Ly Nhat Quang who built and protected Nghe An province. The temple is famous for its huge structure and sophisticated sculptures and carved wood.

Khanh Son ancient village is a must-visit place for cultural tourism lovers. Visitors will be immersed in the simple living space typical of Nghe An culture. They can taste the specialties of Nam Dan district such as soy sauce and Duc rice cakes. Tourists can also enjoy the melodies of the Vi and Giam folk songs sung by local farmers.
Located in the central part of the country, Nghe An, especially Nam Dan, is an attractive tourist destination for locals and foreigners alike.

By Viet Cuong