This statement was made during a press conference held to announce Thai transgender billionaire Anne Jakrajutatip as the new owner of the Miss Universe organisation.

While discussing the positive values ​​of the beauty contest, Shugart mentioned Vietnamese beauty H’Hen Nie as an exemplary role model young people to follow.

The Ede ethnic girl refused to get married during her early teenage years, though it runs counter to the tradition, and instead she chose to study and follow her dream.

The beauty was subsequently crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, a feat which allowed her to fulfill her dream by spending all of her bonus on building library in her hometown.

H’Hen Nie deserved to be named the third runner-up of the Miss Universe 2018 pageant, stressed Shugart.

H’Hen Nie and Puerto Rico’s representative were among the Top 5 of Miss Universe 2018. The format of the pageant in 2018 only selected a Top 3, with the organisers not awarding third and fourth runners-up as before.

The latest announcement by Shugart to the international media represents a new recognition for H’Hen Nie’s fantastic achievement in claiming the third runner-up title.