The event saw the attendance of a range of scholars, experts, and lecturers from many universities from across Russia.

They touched upon topics such as Vietnamese literature, history, archeology, religion, and the role of outstanding Vietnamese poets and cultural celebrities of Vietnam in the 19th century, including Nguyen Dinh Chieu, and the beauty of poetry in the Ly – Tran Dynasties. Participants also talked about the vast richness of Vietnamese folk songs and proverbs in culinary culture, as well as the image of cranes in Vietnamese culture.

Vladimir Mazyrin, director of the Centre for Vietnam and ASEAN Studies, said that although this represents the first time the conference has been held, it has brought together a large number of Russian experts and students, with many specialising in the Vietnamese language, culture and history.

He affirmed that the workshop allowed many Russians the chance to learn more about the Vietnamese culture, land, and people, thereby attracting them to visit the country in the future.

On the occasion, the organising board also displayed books on Vietnam and ASEAN written in Russian and English that were recently published by the Center for Vietnam and ASEAN Studies.