Global Wellness Day was developed and held for the first time in Turkey in 2012.

It is a non-profit program that has since spread to over 110 nations and territories. 

It made its way to Vietnam in 2016 and has since played an important role in inspiring Vietnamese to live healthier lives.

Henri Hubert, ambassador for Global Wellness Day Vietnam, stated during a special dinner held at Mia Saigon – Luxury Boutique Hotel on Wednesday that wellness is a process of awareness and involves the desire to behave mindfully in daily life.

The dinner, held in Ho Chi Minh City, was meant as an opportunity for Hubert to share the program’s message and express his gratitude to friends, partners, and sponsors.

“Healthy living first comes from the way you think positively, no matter what. Everything will be better if you can think positively,” he said.

“Besides, you have to understand yourself, and keep a balance between your mental and physical state under all circumstances.”

Chef Julio Gomez is responsible for conceiving of the menu and personally preparing the dishes for the guests.

Global Wellness Day is an opportunity for individuals and organizations across the country to work together to create positive lifestyle changes and coordinate physical and mental health care in all settings, from the home to the workplace.

René Marre, a gastronomy expert and consultant with more than four decades of experience in the wellness industry, shared that maintaining a balance in our everyday diets is critical to well-being.

“My restaurant has a three-star Michelin chef,” Marre said.

“For food, we only use natural products, but what is most important to us is the balance of the food and the balance of each element.

“Every year, I test my blood and I do not have a cholesterol problem because my meals are always on balance.

“If one day I eat beef, another day I will eat vegetables.

“I think we can eat what we want, when we know exactly what we eat.”

Thai Quoc Cuong, a Vietnamese-French chef who often cooks under the name David Thai, also shared his thoughts on the Global Wellness Day in Vietnam.

“Vietnamese people today seek out fresh, clean, and nutritious meals for themselves and their families,” David Thai said.

“As a chef, I believe that Global Wellness Day is significant to Vietnam and around the world.”

A second Wellness Dinner will be held on July 5, and further community events will be organized until December.

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