Commemorating 100 Years of Musician Van Cao with Performance of 300 Artists

The music of the late composer Van Cao will be celebrated in a special art event, "Vietnamese Birds," featuring more than 300 artists from across the country. This exciting program marks the 100th birthday of the renowned musician.


An exclusive art program is scheduled to honor the 100th birthday anniversary of the renowned musician Van Cao (1923-1995). This remarkable occasion will be held at the iconic Hanoi Opera House on August 20.

The General Director, Pham Hoang Nam, has asserted that the show will be held concurrently both inside and outside the prestigious Hanoi Opera House, allowing for the involvement of artists and audiences alike.

Children’s choir performed the national anthem, composed by Van Cao, at the press briefing to introduce the music night. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times

Nam anticipates that the August Revolution Square, located in front of the esteemed Hanoi Opera House, will be replete with an awe-inspiring multitude of individuals for the forthcoming event. This grand spectacle aims to faithfully recreate the historic moment of the August Revolution in 1945, where the symbolic red flag adorned with a gleaming yellow star was triumphantly raised, ultimately heralding the long-awaited advent of Independence Day on the glorious date of September 2.

On August 17, 1945, the song “Tien Quan Ca” (The Marching Song – the National Anthem), composed by Van Cao, was performed for the very first time.

According to Pham Hoang Nam, the August Revolution Square holds the utmost significance in the program. Its purpose is to commemorate the historic moment of raising the flag, and thus, it is anticipated that a large gathering of people will attend the event in the square.

The concert to be held at the iconic Hanoi Opera House will showcase Van Cao’s remarkable repertoire, encompassing his notable contributions in the genres of love songs, marches, and epics.

“Beyond your ordinary art exhibition, this exceptional event aims to honor the remarkable talents of Van Cao in various spheres of literature and art. Recognized as a gifted artist, Van Cao’s illustrious contributions, notably the composition of ‘Tien Quan Ca’—Vietnam’s revered national anthem, have significantly enriched our nation’s proud artistic heritage,” remarked musician Nguyen Duc Trinh, esteemed Chairman of the Vietnam Musicians Association.

Over 300 esteemed artists, including renowned singers, are set to grace the stage for this remarkable show. These encompass the exceptional talents of People’s Artist Quang Tho, People’s Artist Quoc Hung, Elite Artist Thanh Lam, Outstanding Artist Dang Duong, as well as the incredibly gifted singers Anh Tuyet, My Linh, and Tran Thu Ha, among others.

Van Cao is a great name in Vietnamese music who authored the national anthem. Photo: VNA

Conductor Olivier Ochanine of the Sun Symphony Orchestra (SSO) expressed his enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the program at the press conference.

The conductor expressed their fondness for playing classical music by renowned composers Tchaikovsky and Rossini. However, they also shared their eagerness and enthusiasm whenever given the chance to showcase Vietnamese music. The conductor felt a strong sense of pride and nervousness when participating in a music night dedicated to the illustrious Vietnamese musician, Van Cao.

The program team is comprised of renowned individuals, including Do Hong Quan as the content director, Nguyen Duc Trinh as the art director, Nguyen Thi Quynh Anh as the project director, Pham Hoang Nam as the general director, and Do Bao as the music director, among other esteemed professionals.

The program will be broadcasted live on VTV1 channel at 8 pm and on the website of the Vietnam Musicians Association.

Van Cao, a renowned musician, was born on November 15, 1923, in Haiphong, a prominent city in Northern Vietnam. Throughout his illustrious career, he received several prestigious awards and honors, including the First Class Order of Resistance, the First Class Medal of Independence, the Ho Chi Minh Order, and the revered First Ho Chi Minh Prize for Art and Literature in 1996.