The inaugural ceremony will take place at Nguyen Tat Thanh Square in Quy Nhon. This highly anticipated event will showcase captivating arts performances by renowned martial arts masters, practitioners, celebrated singers, and esteemed artists, alongside martial arts clubs from both domestic and international origins.

The upcoming eighth edition of our event will include captivating martial arts performances and a captivating photo exhibition showcasing the operations of both domestic and international martial arts clubs and schools.

Our itinerary during our stay in Binh Dinh will not only include training sessions at martial arts clubs, but also visits to historical and relic sites, as well as other tourist attractions.

The event organizer is pleased to announce a highly anticipated workshop scheduled to take place from August 3 to 4. This exclusive event will bring together participants from various backgrounds to engage in insightful discussions on strategies and initiatives aimed at accelerating the growth and advancement of Vietnamese traditional martial arts by the year 2030.

Two practitioners of traditional martial arts are in action. Photo: Phan Minh Tho
Two practitioners of traditional martial arts are in action. Photo: Phan Minh Tho

Lam Hai Giang, Vice Chairman of the provincial administration, announced that the festival aims to uphold Vietnamese traditional cultural values and foster cultural exchange between the country’s local community and international visitors.

The festival aims to facilitate the gathering of martial arts clubs from both domestic and international regions, fostering the exchange of knowledge and expertise in the preservation and promotion of Vietnamese traditional martial arts. This event represents a significant step towards the ultimate objective of attaining UNESCO’s recognition as intangible cultural heritage of the world. This information was shared by an official.

The International Festival of Vietnamese Traditional Martial Arts has garnered significant attention and participation over the course of its seven editions in the past 17 years. This esteemed event has successfully attracted numerous martial arts masters, instructors, and practitioners from over 30 countries and territories worldwide.

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