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The rooms at Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81 all share a very special floor-to-ceiling piece of wall art. That is, panoramic skylines of Ho Chi Minh City. Southeast Asia's tallest skyscraper houses a state-of-the-art hotel that keeps the winding Saigon River always in its sights. Here’s what it’s like to check in at the tallest hotel in the region. 
Vietnam is known for its diverse culture and fun-loving people. Divided into three distinct regions, this long strip of country is a goldmine of stories and traditions. If you’re coming to Vietnam for the first time, a basic knowledge of the local customs can help you engage with the people you’ll meet in a friendly, positive way. Here are eight top tips to get you started.
Vietnam’s unique geography creates a range of weather patterns, with both tropical and temperate zones. While March to May offers the best weather countrywide, there is no bad time to visit Vietnam, as there is always some part of the country with holiday skies. Below is a guide to climate of Vietnam’s major regions and destinations, so you know what to expect during your trip.
In Hội An’s charming Ancient Town, even shopping counts as a cultural experience! From the 15th to 19th centuries, Hội An welcomed foreign traders who came by boat to this riverside port to buy silk, spices, gems, and ceramics. Today, in the same atmospheric shophouses, you'll find these items and many more to fill your bags. Here are a few places to start.
Fruit is essential to everyday life in Vietnam. From street corners to bicycle vendors, signs for ‘hoa quả’ atop perfectly stacked pyramids of colourful fruits are everywhere. Snack happy, be adventurous and dive into the wonderful world of Vietnam’s fruits with this guide.
In Vietnam, before eating we say “Chúc ngon miệng!”-- meaning 'enjoy your meal' (but of course you will.)
Airports are often the first point of entry for travellers to Vietnam. Whether you are aiming for a smooth arrival in the country or want to prepare for a domestic flight, you can breeze through the process by reading up on this complete guide to Vietnam’s airports.
Lunar New Year or Tết Nguyên Đán, is Vietnam’s most significant celebration. Across Vietnam, during this time families reunite and honour their ancestors, while praying for luck, prosperity and health in the new year. The public holiday may only run for one week, but in reality, Tết celebrations last much longer. If you’re visiting Vietnam around Lunar New Year, here’s what you can expect. 
For culture lovers, every small moment of discovery is a step closer to understanding a new and different way of life. Scattered throughout the country, Vietnam's UNESCO Heritage Sites are jackpots for these moments of discovery. Each one promises exceptional beauty and exceptional insight into Vietnamese culture. Of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in Vietnam, here are five you absolutely must not miss.



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