2023: Danang’s Hotel Named One of Asia’s Best for Families

    Premier Village Danang Resort has been honored with Tripadvisor's highly acclaimed Travelers' Choice Best of the Best Award for 2021, highlighting its excellence in hospitality.

    Son Tay Town Launches Tourism Year, Honoring Two New Destinations

    Visitors to Hanoi's Son Tay Town will now have the opportunity to explore a new and unique tourist destination on the outskirts of the town, offering a true, authentic experience that allows them to get in touch with nature and the local way of life.

    35AWARDS Recognizes Stunning Vietnamese Landscapes in 2023 Photography Award

    Vietnamese photographers' stunning drone shots have captured the attention of the jury at the 8th 35AWARDS Photo Contest.

    Exploring Hanoi’s Suburbs: Two New Tourist Destinations Offer Variety for Travelers

    Tourism in the capital city is expected to be boosted by the introduction of new travel attractions.

    Hoi An Ancient Town Introduces New Pedestrian-Only Street and Implements Entrance Fee

    Visitors to Hoi An looking for an affordable and convenient way to explore the ancient city are encouraged to purchase the All Attractions ticket.

    Thanh Son Ceramist: Bat Trang Pottery Evolved, but Still Retains National Identity

    For over a lifetime, Bat Trang pottery craftsman has dedicated himself to preserving the ancient ceramic artistry on the outskirts of Hanoi that has been around for millennia.

    Hanoi Urged to Find Solutions to Boost Son Tay Tourism

    The city of Son Tay is taking steps to increase its cultural and historical importance by hosting events that showcase the unique value of its traditional artifacts.

    Beauty of Mu Cang Chai’s flooded rice fields

    Tourists are won over by the beautiful scenery in the northern Vietnamese hilly region.

    Asian Influencers Take Part in Program to Explore Vietnam

    Players have the power to make an impact through social media and must rise to the challenge of promoting Vietnamese culture, cuisine, and tourism to a global audience.

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