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Saturday, July 24, 2021
Besides changes from the “new normal” to a “new future”, Vietnam needs to improve its tourism products and services to continue tapping into global tourism, including the potential market of Japan.
The latest move is expected to be among the drives to revive the battered tourism industry.
During the six-month trial of vaccine passports, Phu Quoc is hoped to welcome 25,000-40,000 foreign arrivals.
Facing the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country's tourism stimulus programs have to be postponed.
Businesses get ready to welcome back visitors to the resort island of Phu Quoc, where is among tourist destinations that have contained the pandemic.
The travel destination offers all ideal conditions that a foreign tourist would dream about: perfect mix of historic sites, delicious food, charming city streets, beautiful beaches - all are at a budget-friendly price.
The 60-second-long video clip showcases the beautiful landscapes of Ninh Binh on YouTube digital platform.
The list based on a survey of 133 million tourists who visited the region in 2019 prior to the Covid-19 crisis.
Vietnam’s tourism is prepared to rebound in the post Covid-19 period.
The photo entitled ‘Harvesting Waterlilies’ by female photographer Khanh Phan ranked third at the Malta International Photography Award (MIPA) 2021.



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