Hanoi’s Tourism Sector Grapples with Soaring Airfares

    Amidst soaring airfares, tour operators based in Hanoi are now seeking to tap into the potential of the northern market.

    Hanoi’s Old Quarter 2024: Unveiling a Tapestry of Cultural Delights

    The 2024 Cultural Activities themed "Keeping Old Trades on the Street" has kicked off in Hanoi's central district of Hoan Kiem.

    International arrivals in Hanoi witness a remarkable 40% surge in Q1

    Tourism programs are set to be unveiled to further enhance and grow tourism offerings that serve as Hanoi's strengths, such as gastronomy, meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions tourism, and healthcare tourism.

    Do Long Stay Visas Attract Affluent, High-Value Global Travelers?

    As Vietnam positions itself as the leading tourist attraction in Southeast Asia, a more open visa policy is expected to help achieve this goal by making it easier for travelers from around the world to visit the country.

    Brilliant Hanoi Streets in Ban Flower Season

    Immerse yourself in Hanoi's enchanting streets, where Ban Flowers paint the cityscape with vibrant hues. As you wander amidst this floral spectacle, a tranquil atmosphere envelops you, creating a sanctuary of serenity in the heart of the city.

    New Heritage Tour to Enrich Hanoi Tourism Offerings

    Embark on an extraordinary journey from Hanoi's vibrant city center to the captivating historical and artisanal treasures that lie just beyond its bustling streets. This captivating tour whisks you away to the outskirts of Hanoi, where time-honored traditions and architectural marvels intertwine, promising an unforgettable exploration of Vietnam's rich cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship.

    UK Press: Vietnam Ranks as Top Destination for Female Solo Travelers in 2024

    Nestled among the world's nine safest countries for female solo travelers, according to Time Out, lies this enchanting nation.

    Where do Vietnamese holidaymakers prefer to jet off to next?

    Hanoi ranks among the most desired destinations for Vietnamese travelers, whereas Dalat and Danang boast the highest search volume for domestic destinations during the upcoming extended national holiday, which spans April 27th to May 1st of this year.

    Dong Anh District to Prioritize Tourism Development

    Dong Anh District is a treasure trove of cultural heritage and tourist attractions that beckon to be discovered.

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