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Saturday, October 24, 2020
Five overseas Vietnamese beauty gurus attract millions of YouTube and Instagram fans with a host of makeup tutorials and tips.
Different shades of purple are dominating the summer palette in Vietnam.
Designer Cong Tri’s latest collection was showcased in Vogue featuring two of his leading Vietnamese model friends.
American actress Dakota Johnson chose a dramatic Cong Tri dress for a popular TV show appearance.
The Voice Australia judge Kelly Rowland made her intentions loud and clear with a dazzling turquoise dress by famous Vietnamese designer Cong Tri.
Fashion designers in Vietnam have turned to the coronavirus crisis for inspiration as they adopt new business modes.
Various designer scarves have found novel employ as celebrity tops in Vietnam.
Designer Chung Thanh Phong has unveiled a 'Save Yourself' collection featuring protective outfits and face masks.
Vietnamese designer Cong Tri says his latest summer selection is inspired by women who embark on an endless journey to liberate their inner selves.
The German-American model donned a sequin mini dress designed by Cong Tri for the season finale of 'Making the Cut'.



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