Vietnamese tank team performs well at Army Games 2021

The Vietnam People’s Army’s tank crew No. 1 delivered a solid performance in qualifiers for the International Army Games 2021’s Tank Biathlon at the Alabino training ground on the outskirt of Moscow on August 23.


This year’s 19 participating teams are divided into two groups. The Vietnamese team is in Group 1, with teams from Russia, China, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Venezuela, and Syria.

Completing the round in 24 minutes and 58 seconds and bringing down five out of five targets, the Vietnamese crew finished second behind Mongolia, which shot down all targets in 23 minutes and 57 seconds.

The Vietnamese team received enthusiastic cheers from Vietnamese people living in Russia.

The Vietnam People’s Army’s tank contingents No. 2 and No. 3 will compete in qualifiers on August 26 and 29.

After the qualifiers, the eight best teams in Group 1 will compete in the semi-finals./.