Recently, Vietnam has tightened its visa procedures due to the increased number of new COVID cases related to foreign expats. This article provides a brief overview of issues associated with the current updates in Vietnam.

Video : visa update, outbreak and solutions

In this video, I share about what is currently happening about the visas, an update about the quarantine and the current “fake expert visa” crackdown. This video will discuss about the current Covid situation in Vietnam, its impact to the visa requirements and important action steps to take.

Most of the visa agents are right now waiting for more guidelines from the government, the video will give your an updated perspective about :

  • An overview update about the current visa situation.
  • The crackdown on fake foreign experts
  • Safe and legit solutions to stay in Vietnam as a foreigner.

How did all those things get started ? There are a few consecutive events happening that triggered this all regulation and tighten the immigration rules recently.

Vietnam is facing its biggest COVID-19 outbreaks

Since the new wave started in April 27, up to now there’s been more than 2,000 cases recorded in 29 cities and provinces. People who visited the country from abroad have to be in quarantine because the major concern of the country is to control the outbreak while maintaining the economy. The testing is being done on a regular basis, and new cases are being found day by day.

The Ministry of Health has sent an official order to all the committees to play their role in reducing the case of COVID-19 in the area. The Prime Minister and National Steering Committee are implementing different prevention and control measures for reducing the number of COVID-19 cases.

Fake visa experts crackdown

The number of people entering Vietnam illegally has increased. Many foreigners got caught using fake companies to obtain work permit through expert visa, but in fact they never worked in these companies. When that happened, these people could be immediately deported and blacklisted in the country.

The deportation can occur when people violate the law, for example, coming on a visa of a company that is involved solely in sponsorships just to immigrate people.

New Visa Rule Update

As far as the visa extensions are concerned, usually visas get only one month extension with a few exceptions. These exceptions include people who entered Vietnam on the sponsorship of an actual company, people having legitimate cause to stay in Vietnam such as having a work permit, marriage certificate etc. For these cases, visa extension can be from 3 months to five years.

How to move or stay in Vietnam?

In order to live in Vietnam, foreigners should essentially have a legitimate cause to come and stay here. Some legitimate ways to stay in Vietnam include having a job that offers valid work permit, having a temporary resident card, having a Vietnamese spouse, having a spouse who has TRC, being a student in Vietnam and/or having a real business in Vietnam.

Complying with these laws is the only viable way to live in Vietnam and people should avoid going for short cuts such as aiming to buy TRC because those short-term tricks would never work for long run and will end with blacklisting or deportation.

If you want to learn more about long term solutions and get involved in business, investment or work opportunities, you can consult those in-depth guides on to plan your long stay in Vietnam.