Vietnam promotes halal and processed food in Singapore

The Vietnam National Brands Week 2021 in Singapore – Hybrid Expo on Halal and Processed Food Products is taking place in Singapore from August 23-28 in both face-to-face and online forms by the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Vietnamese Embassy and the Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore.


The event is hoped to offer a good chance for Vietnamese businesses to promote Halal and processed food products in the island city-state, thus strengthening trade cooperation in food and agriculture to mitigate the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is the first event of this kind to be held in Singapore with the aim of increasing awareness among the Singaporean business community and consumers about Vietnam’s national brands.


Nearly 40 Vietnamese enterprises exhibit about 500 high-quality food brands at the event, including tea, coffee, nuts, spices, sauces, beverages, dairy and pastry products, fruits and fruit powders, dried sea food, canned food. 

The expo is a great effort of the MoIT to support Vietnamese businesses in strengthening their international promotion activities and seeking export orders amid the COVID-19 pandemic./.