Vietnamese air defence force’s victories spotlighted at Russian museum

A string of victories by the Vietnamese air defence force and Russian experts during the Southeast Asian country’s war against the US have been highlighted at the Museum of Air Defence Forces in Balashikha town in the Moscow region.


These are commemorative rings made from the aluminium shell of a US aircraft shot down on August 5, 1964, cast to celebrate the first victory over the US enemy.

This is a photo of Lieutenant General Mark Vorobiev, who modernised the Soviet-designed S-75 rocket to home in on the US’ hostile anti-radiation Shrike missile.

All exhibits in this section relive Vietnam’s victories and the enthusiastic support from its Russian friends during wartime.

These are exhibits from Senior Lieutenant General Anatoly Khiupenen, head of the Russian expert delegation to Vietnam during 1972-1975.

He joined the Vietnamese air force to fight the US raids, contributing to the resounding victory known as “Dien Bien Phu in the Skies” in December 1972.

With sincere sentiments, Russian veterans have always expressed a desire to continue to strengthen the special bonds between the two countries.

Seventy-seven years have passed with many golden milestones, and it is touching that far away in the “land of white birch trees” there are still friends who share a feeling of pride with the Vietnamese army and people./.