Step closer to using herbal medicine for COVID-19 treatment

The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) announced results of pre-clinical research on an herbal medicine for COVID-19 treatment called VIPDERVIR at an online press conference on August 10.


According to VAST, a research team from the academy in collaboration with some others have mastered a technology of making drugs for COVID-19 treatment from Vietnamese herbs called VIPDERVIR.

VIPDERVIR is made from many Vietnamese herbs containing active ingredients with valuable biopharmaceutical properties. The National Ethics Committee in Biomedical Research under the Ministry of Health agreed to approve the clinical study protocol of VIPDERVIR medicine for COVID-19 patients at a meeting on August 7.

According to Associate Prof, Dr. Le Quang Huan, who leads the project, the main effects of this drug are to prevent the adhesion of the virus to cells, blocks the ability of the virus to enter cells, inhibits the ability of viruses to multiply in cells, and activate immune cells so that they can recognize, block, and eliminate viral particles./.