“Green zones” promoted to prevent Covid-19 transmission

The hashtag “green zone”, or “safe zone”, has increased in popularity over recent days and reflects the determination of many localities to control the ongoing fourth wave of Covid-19 around Vietnam. Setting up more such “green zones” to fight the pandemic is an effective measure to prevent the virus from spreading. More in the following!


In Hoang Mai district in Hanoi, all non-residents without a valid reason for being there are denied entry to local “green zones”. Exceptions are rare, such as cases of emergency.

The initiative has spread quickly throughout Hanoi, with residents setting up check points in their local areas to ensure safety. Many “protect green areas” signs have also been put up in residential areas of Ho Chi Minh City. These areas are disinfected, while everyone entering or leaving has their ID checked.

All deliveries are done by volunteers, after items are disinfected. Such efforts are to create more safe areas amid Covid-19. The most significant factor in helping the success of a “green zone” is for every resident to follow the requirements.

While there is some inconvenience involved, a “green zone” is free of the virus. This “community vaccine” is evidence of the creativity and consensus of local people to fight the pandemic and return life to normal as soon as possible./.