Lai Chau striving for better public admin reform

Innovating working methods, reducing necessary procedures, shortening processing times, and creating the best possible conditions for people and businesses are northern mountainous Lai Chau province’s top priorities in administrative reform. Such efforts helped it secure 51st position in the administrative procedure reform index last year - seven points higher than in 2018.


Lai Chau province drastically implemented measures to reform its administrative procedures in 2019, with numerous initiatives introduced to renovate mechanisms and policies, streamline organizational structures, ensure effective operations, and gradually improve the quality of local officials.

For its efforts, Lai Chau jumped seven points in the Public Administration Reform Index in 2019, ranking it 51st among Vietnam’s 63 cities and provinces. Its performance in the Satisfaction Index of Public Administration Services was also up 11 points, putting it in 44th position.

Recent successes in public administrative reform in Lai Chau have inspired provincial authorities to create further breakthroughs in the future, to spur socioeconomic development./.