Golden time to travel around Vietnam

The fact that Vietnam has successfully controlled the COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique opportunity for the country’s tourism industry. The Government has already directed relevant agencies to promote the industry and help its revive.



Tourist destinations have started to fill up again.

Many resorts are now reporting 80-90 percent capacity.

Tourists are returning and this is a positive sign for the tourism industry after a long period of “hibernation”.

To meet tourism demand, a series of programs have been introduced by accommodation, travel, and transportation providers to promote Vietnam’s beauty. Travel is becoming easier and there are a host of incentives on offer.

The existing stimulus programme helps tourism businesses overcome the difficulties and the industry continues to sets Safe – Friendly – Attractive goals to create peace of mind for travellers. In the near future, along with the efforts of each locality, tourism areas will be more strongly linked, giving the industry a boost./.