Goethe supporting project to strengthen bear and nature conservation

The Goethe-Institut, the Centre for Nature Conservation and Development (CCD), and the Vietnamese Center for Wildlife Conservation (Four Paws Viet), have launched a project to raise awareness about ecological protection in Vietnam in the 2021-2022 period.



At the press conference for the launch, organisers said the purpose of the project is to find filmmakers who are interested in producing films telling stories about bear and nature conservation in the country.

Nature and wildlife conservation experts know about conservation but don’t have the skills to tell their stories on film, the organisers said, adding that the participation of enthusiastic filmmakers is very much needed.

While the CCD wants to make a film on preserving landscapes, animals, and plants, and ensuring sustainable development, Four Paws Viet wants filmmakers to tell the story of the Ninh Binh bear conservation centre, where 39 bears are being cared for.

The organisers have said that two film production groups will be selected. The Goethe-Institut will provide 7,000 euros to the project and also help the films be screened at international film festivals. The films must run for a minimum of 24 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes, and, more importantly, are required to be creative in their storytelling while respecting the truth. The goal is to spread a message about protecting the environment and nature.

The selection panel includes People’s Artist Nguyen Nhu Vu, Director Phan Dang Di, and Screenwriter and Director Nguyen Le Hoang Viet. The results will be announced in December, and the selected filmmakers are to produce their films from January to August 2022./.