Three Vietnamese Students Recognized in RoK’s Multicultural Youth Awards

Among the winners of the 12th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards, which aim to promote diversity and support talented children from multiracial families, are three students of Vietnamese descent, along with 12 other students, one teacher, and one institution.


Three students of Vietnamese origin were among the winners of the 12th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards, as reported by VNA from The Korea Times.

The awards, given by the Korean publication, aim to encourage students from multicultural backgrounds who sometimes face challenges due to cultural or language barriers.

The ceremony took place at the Korea Press Center in Seoul and was attended by the awardees and their family members. RoK’s Gender Equality and Family Minister Kim Hyun-sook, the judges, and representatives of the sponsors, including Kim Joon-sik, honorary chairman of Asian Friends, and Seong Sang-hwan, head of the Korean Association for Multicultural Education, were also present.

Dignitaries and winners of the 12th Korea Multicultural Youth Awards pose during the award ceremony at the Korea Press Center in Seoul, Thursday. Korea Times photo by Choi Won-suk

Park Hye-mi, a senior at Gwangju Dongshin Girls’ Middle School, received the special jury award.

Despite her challenging background (her parents got divorced when she was three years old), she has become an exemplary student highly praised by teachers and loved by friends.

Park Soo-bin, a senior at Wonil Middle School in Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, was honored as an outstanding student in the middle school category. She excels in self-directed learning and demonstrates exceptional skills, particularly in science.

Nguyen Duc Toan, a student at Youngseok High School in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, received a special award.

With fluent Vietnamese, Korean, and English speaking skills, Toan stands out as an excellent linguist. He is also the No. 1 goalkeeper for the Seoul Spartans U18 team and recently joined the Korea Football Association.

Additionally, seven students from other multicultural families were recognized for their personal talents and moral qualities.

Lim Mi-eun, a teacher at Sunil Middle School, and the You & Me Happiness Centre, providing education and support for multicultural families, were honored in the volunteer category.

The recipients each received a plaque and prize money of KRW 1 million (USD 771).

Hannah Nguyen