The Vietnam National Museum of History launched a new tour on March 14, and it is set to run every weekend or according to a pre-booked tour schedule. Visiting the museum will provide a great opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of Vietnam’s long and turbulent history.

Travelers can explore the architecture of the “Nhà Bác Cổ” (Archaeological House) museum building, a prime example of Indo-Chinese architecture in Vietnam during its colonial past. Combining eastern and western styles, the building is beloved by Hanoians and admired by visitors for its unique blend of architectural features.

Furthermore, the museum offers a special night tour to admire the beautiful kapok tree blossoms that adorn its grounds.

Visitors will have the chance to explore a plethora of national treasures preserved at the museum, such as the Ngoc Lu drum, the bell from Van Ban Pagoda, the stone stele from Tu Ky Pagoda, and an ancient stone bridge.

A corner dedicated to showcasing traditional agricultural items and souvenir products will be available at the museum. Visitors can browse and purchase these items, gaining insight into the region’s history and culture.

Tourists will have the opportunity to create their own ceramic products and handicrafts as special souvenirs during the night tour.