To mark the reopening to international tourism, the Hanoitourist Corporation in coordination with the Vietnam National Museum of History launches a tour to enjoy Bombax Ceiba flowers and experience the rural life inside the museum, starting today [March 19].

Travelers joined the “Bac Co in Bombax Ceiba Flower Season” tour. Photo: VNA

According to Deputy Director of the Vietnam National Museum of History Nguyen Thi Thu Hoan, after a walking tour titled “French architecture in the heart of Hanoi”, “Bac Co in Bombax Ceiba Flower Season” is the second tour that was jointly organized by the two entities, aiming at introducing special trait of Hanoi to local and international travelers.

“Joining this one-hour tour, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the ‘village ambiance within a modern city’ inside the Vietnam National Museum of History – one of the most outstanding French colonial buildings in the capital,” she said.

In the museum’s premises, right beside the gorgeous Bac Co building and underneath the famous ancient cotton-rice tree, a village-recalling space has been arranged, featuring a simple tea stall, a bamboo swing, a bicycle, a fodder, among other utensils of the rural north of Vietnam.

In addition, visitors to the museum had also the chance to admire some national treasures associated with the wet rice civilization such as Ngoc Lu bronze drum, Van Ban pagoda’s bell, Tu Ky pagoda’s stone incense tower, among others.

Children experienced a folk game inside the premise of the Vietnam National Museum of History. Photo” VNA 

Deputy Director of Hanoitourist Travel Company Le Hong Thai said that the “Bac Co in Bombax Ceiba Flower Season” is an important program, marking the full restart of Vietnam’s tourism industry in Hanoi.

“In the coming time, the two units will continue to jointly build more attractive tours, meeting the needs of international tourists to learn about the local culture,” he stated.

“Hanoitourist is also building short-term tours to help Singaporean and European tourists explore the beautiful landscapes and daily life of Hanoi and the surrounding areas,” he added.

Travelers who join the tour in March will have a chance to get a 50% discount on the ticket fare. Accordingly, the price is only VND75,000 (US$3.3) for adults and VND25,000 ($1) for children (with a tour guide, souvenir photos, and games).

Passersby are invited to take photos with available settings and experience folk games by paying a fare of VND50,000 ($2) for adults and VND25,000 ($1) for children.

The organizers said that there were over 100 tourists who travel in small groups of young people and families who joined today’s debut tour.