In Assam, Digboi Youth Achieves Global Fame with Scientist Post at Texas Laboratory

Anirban Chakraborty, hailing from Digboi, India, has achieved widespread recognition, both locally and across the country, after being offered a prestigious position as a designated scientist at a highly esteemed university in Texas, United States.

Assam: Digboi youth shines on global stage with scientist position at Texas laboratory

Anirban is currently pursuing his groundbreaking research on batteries at this world-class institute.

Anirban’s remarkable success story has garnered attention and admiration, with his father, Kamalesh Chakraborty, a senior advocate in Digboi, proudly sharing the details.

It is believed that Anirban’s battery invention may bring about significant advancements in various areas such as cars, cell phones, and more, earning him accolades in the days to come.

Highlighting Anirban’s educational journey, his father mentioned that after completing his early schooling at DPS Digboi, he appeared for the Joint Entrance Exam and qualified for admission to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

However, due to certain issues related to subject choices, he opted for the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Silchar. Anirban pursued Mechanical Engineering at NIT Silchar and secured an impressive score of over 90%.

During his time as an NIT student, Anirban, along with three others, invented a CF decoration with O-CNPs using Ultrasonically Assisted DC-EPD.

This invention received high praise and was subsequently patented by the Government of India’s Patent Office.

Continuing his academic journey, Anirban received admission offers from Chicago North Western University and an executive service position at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), posted at Haldia Refinery.

As he did not receive a scholarship for Chicago, he joined HPCL but worked there for only five months.

Subsequently, he secured a full scholarship and an educational offer from South Dakota State University in the USA. In 2017, Anirban joined the university, resigning from his position at HPCL.

While pursuing his Master of Science (MS) degree in the USA, Anirban focused on enhancing the invention of a 3D Printed Bioreactor with optimized stimulations for ex-vivo bone tissue culture.

In 2018, he submitted his thesis on this topic for partial fulfillment of his degree.

Anirban later joined Texas A&M University with a full scholarship to pursue his PhD. There, he became the “first author” of four inventions, which were published in different internationally renowned journals.

These inventions included studies on in-operando crystallization of Zinc Nitrate Hexahydrate using zinc oxide nucleators and more.

According to documents available from Anirban’s family members, he presented his papers at various summits in Atlanta, San Francisco, Portland, and Washington State, where his inventions were accepted by the International Material Research Society.

His most recent symposium focused on EN11 Advanced Materials for Thermal Management of Human-Building-Energy Nexus.

Recently, on May 29 and June 2, 2023, Anirban successfully defended his doctoral thesis as scheduled by his university and was awarded his doctorate.

Shortly after, he received three job offers. One of them included the opportunity to continue his research on batteries as a Designated Scientist at the same Research Laboratory in Texas, where he is currently close to completing his present research project.

Anirban has also collaborated on several other inventions, which have been published in prestigious international journals.

These inventions can be found through a simple Google search.

Furthermore, Anirban has been invited to present a paper at an upcoming conference in San Francisco, USA.

He has authored three different inventions, where he serves as the first and main author.

The publication of two additional significant

invention papers is currently awaited, as confirmed by his father.

Expressing their gratitude, Anirban’s proud parents conveyed their appreciation to the teachers, community members, relatives, and well-wishers in Digboi for their constant support and motivation throughout Anirban’s journey.

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