Impressive Vietnamese Beverage Corporation Utilizes Groundbreaking and Creative Approach to Capture Japanese Market

In 2004, Takasago, a Japan-based company, stepped into the Vietnamese market. They were particularly amazed by the innovative approach to product development demonstrated by Tan Hiep Phat, a prominent player in the soft drink industry.


Takasago is a global corporation that was founded in Japan in 1920. Over the course of its more than 100-year history, Takasago has specialized in creating flavors for food and beverage manufacturers, as well as high-end perfumes and home care products for companies around the world.

Takasago has a global presence, with offices, production facilities, and research and development (R&D) centers in 27 countries and regions.

In Vietnam, Takasago established a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City in 2004. Vietnam is seen as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, offering a stable and supportive political and business environment, as well as a highly educated workforce, which presents excellent opportunities for foreign businesses.

Regarding Takasago’s successful operations in Vietnam, a company representative stated, “Our success was the result of our collaboration with Tan Hiep Phat Group in developing Green Tea products. This product made a remarkable breakthrough and quickly became the leading product in the market for bottled green tea (RTD) beverages.”

Mr. Jun Sakurai – CEO Southeast Asia, Takasago Group.

In 2006, Tan Hiep Phat Group officially launched the Zero Degree Green Tea product, which features the natural flavor of famous Thai Nguyen tea leaves. Taste plays a crucial role in the success of a beverage brand, and Takasago’s involvement in the early stages of product development as a strategic partner of Tan Hiep Phat contributed significantly to the distinctiveness of the Zero Degree Green Tea product.

Zero Degree brand of bottled green tea has become a new phenomenon, a pioneer in the market with natural, healthy beverage products.

“This is our first collaboration upon entering the Vietnamese market. The opportunity to partner with Tan Hiep Phat, one of the leading companies in the beverage industry, particularly in RTD tea, has helped us establish ourselves in this market of 100 million people,” said a Takasago representative.

Making a breakthrough in the Vietnamese beverage market

Takasago also emphasized that both the Group and Tan Hiep Phat share the same vision of business development, as well as a willingness to invest boldly in offering healthy products that contribute to social and environmental sustainability. They believe in continued collaboration, creating significant value and breakthroughs in the Vietnamese and regional beverage markets.

Natural ingredients create the renowned Dr Thanh Cooling Tea product in the Vietnamese market.

“We always support and focus on developing flavors for local products, using local ingredients, to generate positive values for the community and the environment. Takasago works closely with Tan Hiep Phat’s R&D team to propose creative and groundbreaking ideas that meet the needs and preferences of consumers in both domestic and export markets,” stated the Takasago representative.

To take on new challenges, Takasago is committed to ensuring a stable supply of ingredients and continuously striving for R&D breakthroughs in flavors that resonate with and attract consumers, thereby supporting Tan Hiep Phat in creating market-leading products.

Describing the Vietnamese business community, this centennial company affirmed that the local and international business community in Vietnam has close ties. Many are ready to support one another by sharing business opportunities and collaborating for mutual development, opening up new possibilities in the international market.