Hanoi to Mark Reunification Day and Labor Day with Artistic Celebrations

This weekend, Hanoi audiences will be treated to a selection of cultural and artistic programs, specially put together to mark the festive season.


The Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports will be hosting nine art performances across the city, including the special art program “Dat Nuoc Tron Niem Vui” or “A Day Full of Joy for the Country”, which will be available for everyone to enjoy at the Hoan Kiem pedestrian zone.

 Performance of the Hanoi Drama Theater. Photo: Moc Mien

The city of Hanoi is set to be alive with art and culture, as seven renowned art troupes will be performing eight exhilarating shows from April 28 to May 1. The troupes, including Hanoi Cheo Theater, Hanoi Cai Luong Theater, Hanoi Drama Theater, Hanoi Circus and Variety Theater, Thang Long Puppet Theater, and Thang Long Music and Dance Theater, will be entertaining audiences in the districts of Gia Lam, Ung Hoa, Nam Tu Liem, Tay Ho, Soc Son, Quoc Oai, Thuong Tin, and Hoai Duc. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Hanoi!

The art program “A Day of Full of Joy for the Country” will begin at 8 pm on April 28th at the Monument in the Hoan Kiem pedestrian area. The program will feature dances and songs that celebrate the country, as well as its victory in the Vietnam War (1954-1975). Attendees will be able to enjoy the joyous atmosphere and be filled with pride for the nation.

This evening, the Vietnam Drama Theatre will be presenting an unforgettable performance of music and dance at West Lake, Tay Ho District. Audiences will be treated to a spectacular display of song and dance, including, but not limited to, “Vinh Quang Vietnam” (Glory of Vietnam), “Bai Ca Thong Nhat” (Reunification Song), and “Cung Dan Mua Xuan” (Spring Melody). Additionally, two comedies, “Chuyen Tinh Linh Dao” (The Love Story of the Island Soldiers) and “O Re” (In-law) will be performed.

An art performance in the Hoan Kiem Pedestrian Street. Photo: Ha Vu

The Hanoi Cheo Theater will host a series of captivating folk performances, taking place on the evening of April 27 at the National Special Relic Site of Co Loa Ancient Citadel in Dong Anh District; on April 29 at Yen Thuong Commune, Gia Lam District; and on May 1 at Van Dinh Town, Ung Hoa District.

The talented artists showcase a selection of Cheo’s excerpts and other folk dance and music pieces to express their admiration for their country and its capital city.

The Hanoi Cai Luong Theater will be holding a performance for the public on the open-air stage in Nam Tu Liem District on the evening of April 29. Artists from the Hanoi Circus and Variety Arts Theater will be entertaining the audience with their skillful acts and dazzling performances. On the evening of April 30, the Thang Long Music and Dance Theater will be presenting a wide array of singing and dancing, whistling, and the Thang Long Puppet Theater will be delivering a unique show for the viewers in Quoc Oai District. Don’t miss this chance to witness these amazing performances!

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is renowned for its rich culture and history. It is home to a number of famous attractions and sites, including the Old Quarter, the Temple of Literature, and the One Pillar Pagoda. But the city also has much more to offer. Alongside these iconic landmarks, Hanoi hosts a wide range of festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating the traditions and culture of the city.

For example, the annual Festival of the Trung Sisters takes place in March and is held in honour of the two sisters who led an uprising against the Chinese in 40 AD. During the festival, there are traditional rituals held at Tay Phuong Pagoda, Thay Pagoda, Lang Pagoda, and Hat Mon Temple. These include incense offerings and other activities to commemorate the anniversary of the Trung Sisters’ death.

Other popular festivals in Hanoi include the Mid-Autumn Festival, the International Choir Festival, and the Hanoi International Film Festival. These events provide a great opportunity to experience the vibrant culture of the city and to interact with its warm and welcoming people.

Other fun and entertaining activities are available throughout the city, such as the mesmerizing water puppet show and the opportunity to experience traditional Korean Hanbok costumes at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (Cau Giay District). The “Chung Mot Con Duong” (Sharing the Same Road) exhibition and water puppet show are also held at the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, offering visitors a unique and exciting experience.

 Folk art show opens Thay Pagoda Festival 2023 in Hanoi. Photo: The Hanoi Times