The APEC Sculpture Park in Da Nang was originally created for the central city’s 2017 APEC summit, with 18 sculptures spanning over an area of 3000sqm. It has since been transformed into a permanent tourist attraction, with an expansion that cost $55 million and increased the park’s area to 8,600sqm.

Renowned for its unique photogenic dome, the park attracts visitors who enjoy posing in front of this striking structure. The dome’s perforated roof, resembling a giant kite, creates an impressive visual effect as sunlight filters through, making it a popular spot for social media photos.

Another must-visit location for tourists in Vietnam is the area around Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi, known for its tranquility. Highlighting this area is the Ngoc Son Temple, situated on an island within Hoan Kiem Lake Park. One of its notable features is the two-meter-long creature called Cu Rua, a curious attraction for visitors.

When visiting Hoi An, a trip to the Thanh Ha Terracotta Park is highly recommended. The park showcases a wide range of impressive pottery, including miniature replicas of iconic buildings and depictions of Vietnamese deities, demons, and royalty. All of these pieces are carefully handcrafted using traditional techniques by local artisans in Thanh Ha Pottery Village, which surrounds the park.

For a significant historical experience, travelers should not miss a visit to February 3 Park in Thua Thien-Hue province. Covering an area of 300 square meters, the park features monuments and sculptures that commemorate the bloodiest day of a battle. These powerful structures serve as a reminder of the devastating impact of war.