Posters are displayed everywhere throughout the city, some with the messages “Happy New Year 2024 – the Year of the Dragon,” “Happy New Spring,” or “Celebrating 94 Years of the Communist Party of Vietnam.”
Office buildings across Hanoi are adorned in red as part of the festive celebrations.
A large banner has been erected at the headquarters of the Hanoi Party Committee, displaying the message “Celebrating 94 Years of the Communist Party of Vietnam.”
The festive atmosphere can be felt on every corner of the capital city.
The Lunar New Year holiday is the largest celebration in Vietnam, lasting for seven days this year for State employees.
Many venues have undergone major transformations to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Large posters have been placed on the main streets of the capital city to welcome the Lunar Year of the Dragon.
As the new year begins, local residents are hopeful that the economy will rebound from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and global challenges, leading to an improved quality of life.