The Norwegian diplomat is excited to explore the cultural similarities between their country and Vietnam during the New Year holiday, a time for family reunion. In the photo, the diplomat’s family poses for a group picture with local residents in Duong Lam.
Mia Pagoda was constructed during the Tran Dynasty (1225-1406) and still houses numerous ancient artifacts. It has the largest collection of ancient statues in Vietnam, with 287 statues.
Duong Lam is renowned for its architectural charm and culinary traditions, making it a must-visit destination for tourists in Hanoi. Tourists often get to taste a local specialty, chè lam cake, in the ancient houses. The cake is made from simple ingredients such as glutinous rice, mung beans, ginger, honey or sugar, and peanuts. It is a popular treat during Tet, the Vietnamese New Year.
Exploring the ancient houses and experiencing the old architecture is a fantastic experience for the Norwegian diplomat’s family.
With the Lunar New Year of the Dragon approaching, the family spends time exploring dragon-themed figurines.
Craftsman Nguyen Tan Phat shares details about his sculpture collections as part of the celebrations for the Lunar New Year of the Dragon.
Visiting craftsman Nguyen Tan Phat’s lacquer workshop helps the Norwegian diplomat and her family gain a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture.