Hai Phong Fish Vermicelli Soup

Vermicelli is a popular noodle in Vietnam and there are numerous dishes with vermicelli, each with its own unique taste. Hanoi is famous for vermicelli with grilled pork and vermicelli with fried tofu and shrimp paste and Hue is well-known for Hue beef vermicelli soup, Hai Phong is the cradle of delicious and tasty fish vermicelli soup. 

The dish has a special flavor thanks to the preparation, selecting materials and making the stock.It is necessary to select fresh fish, such as cod, carp and anabas which have firm flesh and don’t have a strong fish smell.

Fried fish for making the dish.

Vermicelli is soft and white.

Fried anabas slices and cod pies.

Spring onions, dill and tomatoes are very necessary for making this dish.

The stock is made from fish bone.

The delicious dish is very popular.

Anabas are cleaned and boned before cutting into slices. Mix the meat with a dash of seasoning and fry until brown. To make fish pies, take out the cod’s bones and carefully pound the fish. Marinate the mixture with a dash of pepper, fish sauce and chopped dill. Shape the paste into round pies and fry until brown. Steam the fish bone to make the stock.

Place vermicelli in a large bowl, add some slices of dried anabas and some cod pies and then cover with onions and pour the broth over all.

Serve hot with vegetables, such as sliced banana flowers, water morning glory and some spices.

By Khanh Long