Arriving in the village during this time of year, visitors can witness rows of red and yellow incense sticks stretching along the local roads, which is one of the unique features of this incense-making village.

Every household business has its own special method of blending the powdered materials to create a distinct aroma.

With about two months left until the Lunar New Year, craftsmen start their work early in the morning to meet the demands of customers in the city and surrounding areas.

Some households choose to dry their incense sticks directly under the sunlight instead of using drying machines.

The craft has been modernized in recent years, with machines taking over certain stages of the process such as material mixing and drying.

The craft village has become a popular tourist destination in Ho Chi Minh City, offering a picturesque backdrop for visitors to take check-in photos.

The villagers are busy from morning till evening as they strive to fulfill orders for the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday.