Vietnamese, international street food at Ho Thi Ky Street

At Ho Thi Ky Street in HCM City’s District 10, known as a paradise for street food, with over 100 stalls, visitors can find famous dishes.


Ho Thi Ky Street in HCM City’s District 10 is known as aparadise of street food,with over 100 stalls.

More than 100 food stalls flank two sides of a street section, serving an assortment of foods and beverages from various places like Hue, Nha Trang, Dong Nai, and An Giang.

All kinds of fruit and sweet soups and traditional cakes from the southern region can be found here for only VNĐ10,000 (US$0.43) per bowl and VNĐ30,000 (US$1.2) for a platter of five.


The area also has Cambodian foods like num banh chok (Cambodian rice noodle soup) and snail noodles.

Some stalls serve international foods such as sushi, takoyaki from Japan, and kimbap and teokbokki from South Korea. VNS