The lush green fields of Choah Village, where many households have embraced intensive farming, setting themselves apart from other areas in the Central Highlands.

A sea of green jade before the rice plants bloom, a breathtaking sight in the village.

The heart of the village: where locals reside and intensive farming of wet rice agriculture thrives.

Special rice grains grown on a unique blend of volcanic ashes and alluvium, a testament to the village’s agricultural prowess.

Farming with a modern twist: Machines have long been a part of the village’s agricultural landscape, replacing manual labor.

Mechanization in action: The village’s embrace of technology contributes to increased productivity, a key to their success.

A farmer’s joy: Capturing the essence of a bountiful harvest, a testament to the hard work and dedication of the village community.

Local rice, renowned for its high quality, finds favor among dealers, a testament to the village’s agricultural excellence.
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