Tan Son Nhat airport was full of passengers, in front of check-in counters of airlines, people lined up to check-in. With routes to Hanoi, Da Nang, Hue, Phu Quoc… flights are only about 5 minutes apart. Photo: MH

Outside the terminal, airport staff constantly move trolleys in batches of hundreds to serve the needs of customers. Photo: MH
According to the Southern Airport Authority, today (July 5), the airport received nearly 108,000 passengers, including 50,568 departures and 57,160 arrivals. The total number of flights is expected to be 740 flights/day with 370 inbound and outbound flights. Photo: MH
The sign guiding passengers to the D1 and D2 lanes in the TCP garage is hung in front of the exit for people to easily grasp, next to the hot phone number of the functional units for people to contact to reflect if the epidemic occurs. bad service. Photo: MH
At the international terminal, flights from Thailand, Singapore, Japan and Australia continuously land with a frequency of 10-15 minutes. The number of international arrivals and departures through the airport reached more than 20,000, with 127 departures and arrivals on 5-7 days. Photo: MH
At the check-out area of ​​the international terminal, relatives and staff of the travel agency sat on all the waiting seats to wait for family members and customers. Photo: MH
The number of people landing at the international terminal is crowded, so the exit is sometimes slightly congested. Photo: MH
The waiting rows are always full. Photo: MH
Many people moved to the parking area opposite the international terminal to wait because it was too crowded. Photo: MH

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