HCDC said that within just seven days, from June 24 to June 30, the city recorded 2,428 dengue fever cases, an increase of 158 people compared to the average of four weeks ago. The number of hospital admissions for inpatient treatment and outpatient care increased, and 11 people died from dengue fever.

Ho Chi Minh City Hospital for Tropical Diseases is overloaded because the number of patients hospitalized due to dengue fever has increased. Photo: Minh Thao

The number of cases in the week mentioned above continued to increase in 15 districts and Thu Duc city. In which, Can Gio and Nha Be districts have an alarming increase in the number of cases. The whole city has also recorded 175 new dengue fever outbreaks in 98 wards and communes in 19/22 districts and Thu Duc city.

According to the HCDC, dengue fever is an acute infectious disease. To date, there is no vaccine for this disease and no specific treatment. Therefore, to prevent dengue fever, people should clean their workplaces and live well, not letting water stagnate, giving rise to larvae, mosquitoes, etc.

Along with that is to use mosquito spray, mosquito incense, mosquito repellant cream, wear long-sleeved clothes and sleep under nets even during the day to prevent mosquito bites.

In case of fever or suspicion of illness, you must immediately go to a medical facility for examination and treatment advice, do not arbitrarily treat at home.

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