People have been scammed and stolen hundreds of billions of dong

Recently, criminal groups have even increased their tactics to impersonate the authorities. It is true that the victims are very difficult to deal with when hearing about the law and having to pay fines, many people are very afraid. In fact, public authorities and public security agencies will not make announcements by phone, do not ask for money or provide information through this form.

Besides the authorities, the banks themselves, where users’ money are kept, also face this situation. Impersonate a bank that offers financial services and asks for fees to obtain it. Recently, many banks have had to speak up. For example, a representative of VPBank said: “The subjects often use messages and emails to notify customers and request customers to have external payments. We confirm that there is a credit approval process. and provide credit very closely to ensure safety and never have any request to collect any fees through this channel.”

Hundreds of billions of dong have flown out of the pockets of the gullible

The method of appropriating money of criminals

The appropriation scenario of the scam group sometimes only lasts about 30 minutes.

Mr. Le Anh Tuan, Cau Giay district, Hanoi, said: “When we were discovered that the object was being scammed, we immediately contacted the bank. The bank asked us to have a new police agency. We were able to get involved. We contacted the investigating agency and the security side, however, the coordination between the police and the bank took a lot of time.”

Money transfers and withdrawals are all conducted through fake accounts with tricks such as stealing other people’s information, forging identity cards, to open bank accounts.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Van Dinh, Deputy Head of Division 8, Criminal Police Department, Ministry of Public Security, said: “Regarding personal accounts, our agency wants to blockade, they have to carry out certain procedures, which are very inconvenient. while waiting, when the victim transferred money to the subject, the subject said to other accounts when we got the document to arrive, the subjects transferred the money.”

According to the lawyer, in order to prevent the fight against cybercriminals, it is necessary to make adjustments to regulations to shorten the time for coordination, such as giving more powers to banks. in doubtful cases.

Recently, the police force has dismantled the group that bought and sold bank accounts. Every 400 thousand VND/bank account registered by students. This group of objects will buy and then resell to 3rd parties to use for fraudulent purposes.

Not only buying, the subjects also forged identity cards to open bank accounts and then resell them for 1 million VND/account. With this trick, phishing groups can own hundreds or even thousands of different accounts without being exposed. Therefore, after appropriating money, they erase traces of dirty money through these accounts, making verification, investigation, blockade and recovery of the authorities very difficult.

Source: CafeF