A man sells the police security kiosk at a Hanoi’s market at price of VND 1.5 billion (USD 64,000)

In a thinking of earning much money quickly, a man disguised as an officer, selling police kiosk in Ha Dong market for VND 1.5 billion (USD 64,000) even though that is the ward police's one to ensure security and order.


The Hanoi People’s Procuracy has just issued an indictment to the man named Tran Dinh Quang (borned in 1979, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) for fraudulent appropriation of property. It is worth mentioning that Tran Dinh Quang took a reckless act when selling police security post of public security and order in the market of Nguyen Trai Ward Police (Ha Dong District, Hanoi).

Ha Dong market area. Photo: VOV

According to the indictment, in December 2016, Quang told victim O. (living in Hanoi) that he was working at the Red River Project Management Unit and was renting a kiosk on the first floor of Ha Dong market. The kiosk has signboard “Police of Ha Dong Market – Police of Nguyen Trai Ward”. In essence, the kiosk is to check and ensure public security and order of functional forces.

Quang told Ms. O that because the functional force had a need to change their purpose, so he wanted to sell the kiosk at the price of VND 1.5 billion (around USD 64,000).

When the woman wondered the kiosk under the ward police’s name, Quang explained that he was planning to change the kiosk to another location, and the ward police would move to the second floor.

In order to get Ms. O’s trust, Quang promised to apply for procedure to change the name of the kiosk. After that, Quang asked a man to secretly open the kiosk for Ms. O. to see for more confidence.

After taking a look and checking the kiosk, Ms. O. agreed to buy it. And, Quang asked the victim to transfer VND 500 million (USD 21,500) in advance for a deposit.

In September 2017, after a long time receiving the deposit, Ms. O. did not see Quang hand over the kiosk and repeatedly urged him while he always told windy lies and found the way to delay the time of delivery of the kiosk.

By September 2017, past the committed time, Quang could not hand over the kiosk, but had spent all the money of VND 500 million.

After that, Ms. O. reported to the competent authorities. Through verification at the Ha Dong Market Management Board, the People’s Committee of Ha Dong District, the police office concludes: Tran Dinh Quang is not an officer or employee working at the Market Management Board; was not assigned to manage and use any kiosks at Ha Dong market.

The kiosk on the first floor of Ha Dong market mentioned above is a post to ensure public security and order in Ha Dong market area, assigned to the police of Nguyen Trai Ward to manage, use, not to use for wrong purposes, not for rental or selling.

At the police station, the arrested man claimed to commit fraud to get money for his personal spending.

In November 2020, Quang returned VND 450 million (USD 19,300) to Ms. O.