During a press briefing to introduce the 2023 Hanoi Culture and Food Festival, Hong announced that Hanoi will collaborate with Nam Dinh Province and other localities to seek UNESCO recognition for Vietnamese pho-cooking as world intangible cultural heritage.

Pho, a popular national dish of Vietnam, is a noodle dish served with hot broth made from either beef or chicken.

Previously, Da Nang City’s O Nam fish sauce making and Phu Quoc City’s fish sauce making were recognized as national intangible cultural heritage.

The Hanoi Culture and Food Festival will be held at Thong Nhat Park on Tran Nhan Tong Street from December 1 to 3, featuring 80 booths.

The festival will showcase a variety of dishes and food items from Vietnam and other countries to cater to both local residents and tourists.

Local and international food enthusiasts will have the opportunity to enjoy dishes such as Com Me Tri (Me Tri green rice flakes), xoi che (a combination of sweet soup and sticky rice), vermicelli soup, cha lua (Vietnamese pork sausage) originating from Uoc Le Village in Hanoi, and che lam (sticky rice ginger peanut bars), among others.

The festival will also feature a wide range of specialties from countries such as India, Iran, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

In addition, a range of art performances, cultural activities, and folk games will be organized as part of the event to provide visitors with a visual and auditory feast.