“Experience the Nostalgia of the Full Moon Festival in Hanoi’s Old Quarter”

The upcoming Full Moon Festival promises to bring exciting opportunities for everyone to gain meaningful memories. Locals, visitors, and especially children can look forward to a selection of captivating activities.


There will be a series of activities held throughout the entire area of the Old Quarter from September 22 to September 29.

 A colorful mid-autumn banquet for children. Photo: UNESCO Center for Vietnamese Vietnamese Gastronomy Culture

A captivating documentary exhibition showcasing the traditions of the ancient Mid-Autumn Festival will be held at the prestigious Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Center. The center is located at 50 Dao Duy Tu Street, in the vibrant Hoan Kiem District of Hanoi.

The exhibition showcases an impressive collection of almost 80 documents, materials, and pictures that shed light on the ancient traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival at the esteemed Thang Long Imperial Citadel, recognized by UNESCO. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the vibrant display of colorful toys arranged on attractive counters, which are sure to captivate both children and adults alike.

In addition to the exhibition, a variety of cultural activities will be organized at historical relics and cultural exchange centers in the Old Quarter to celebrate and promote the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The Heritage House at 87 Ma May Street in Hoan Kiem District will host a faithful recreation of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated by Hanoi families.

The exhibition will showcase restored ancient mid-autumn lamp models by folk culture researcher Trinh Bach and artisan Nguyen Trong Binh.

The Lion Dance performance celebrates the 2022 Full-Moon Festival. Photo: Trung Thu Pho Co    

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, visitors can participate in various activities at two locations in Hanoi, Vietnam. The Kim Ngan Communal House, situated at 42 and 44 Hang Bac Street, and the Hanoi Old Quarter Cultural Exchange Center, located at 50 Dao Duy Tu Street, will host events to decorate the festival space and showcase traditional toys. Skilled artisans from Hanoi will be present to teach visitors, including children, the art of creating traditional Vietnamese toys like the famous “to he” figurines made from rice powder, as well as star lanterns and other crafts.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mural Space on Phung Hung Street will host a dedicated event showcasing traditional toys. Attendees can enjoy various activities, including water puppet performances, fashion shows, and musical performances catered specifically for children.

The Old Quarter Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual event aimed at honoring the national cultural identity and preserving the historical and cultural values of the Old Quarter in Hanoi. It serves as a reminder of our national heritage and seeks to develop a shared cultural space for all.

The event also demonstrates the commitment and accountability of Party committees and government agencies in educating and providing for children, ensuring a wholesome and meaningful experience for them during the nation’s celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival.